Weekend in the city by the sea (Qingdao)

As a present for Michis birthday, we spent a relax weekend in Qingdao. Relax meaning nice hotel, nice food, limited sightseeing.  The weekend started in a rush, because it took me 3h to drive (be driven) 30km from the western outskirts of Shanghai to People Square. Actually, I had planned to go home and go to the airport from there, but after the driver managed to miss the tunnel entrance, I decided to get out and meet Michi in the Subway. Continue reading “Weekend in the city by the sea (Qingdao)”

Ordos Kangbashi 

On Monday and Tuesday I was lucky to have a business trip to Ordos Kangbashi New Area, the famous ghost town in Inner Mongolia.

The region is extremely rich because of their coal reserves. So they decided to build a new town, roughly 25km away from Ordos’ central district Dongsheng. Cost for this new Kangbashi District was apparently around 150 billion USD(!).  Continue reading “Ordos Kangbashi “

Tale of Two Cities

There are so many things going on, that I did not have time, to write this longer blog entry. Good that wordpress allows me to date back, so nobody will know that this was posted only in April.

My parents came to visit us in Shanghai and went with us on the big tour of Shanghai and Hong Kong. We had a full program, so here is the summary. Continue reading “Tale of Two Cities”