Above Tegernsee

October 3rd is a public holiday and we take the chance to explore Tegernsee and climb to Neureuth. The city of Tegernsee is a 1h train ride from Munich. Over night, the temperatures have dropped significantly and its quity chilly.

From the train station, we trek towards Hotel Tegernsee and follow th path upward into the forest.

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The NBA Part 4: Back in DPRK

I run as fast as I can, but the North Koreans are closing in. The saving goal seems impossibly far away. The government van is blasting military music at my heels. Finally, I admit defeat. I step to the side of the road and let the leading Marathon runners pass before continuing my crawl towards the finish at Kim Il Sung Stadium.Here is the story of running a half marathon in Pyongyang.

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The NBA Part 3 – Exploring Myanmar, the Land of Pagodas and Sunsets

First sunlight sweeps across the barren plains and paints thousands of pagodas in a golden color. The basket of our balloon gently lifts of the ground and we drift into the dawn. Some claim that Myanmar is the land of perfect sunrises and sunsets. This may be true for all we know. We have enjoyed the must stunning dis-/appearances of our sunwhile we traveled this beautiful but also incredibly poor country. Here is our story.

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