May the force…

Saturday afternoon is the best time to embark on an adventure. And if you embark on adventure the first rule is to always pick the biggest adventure you can find. The biggest adventure we could find has 7541 piece and is called “75192” – the Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon.

I pick up a grey box from Galeria Kaufhof at Rotkreuzplatz. Luckily I pre ordered because the Lego Millennium Falcon is not easy to find on the shelves. It is a humongous box, and a heavy one.

Inside are for boxes that contain plastic bags with pieces for 17 building sections and a ca. 3kg build manual.

And so it begins… (Wrong trilogy but great quote). Rules of the game are that Michi and I build together while watching Star Wars movies (IV – IX, Rouge One, Solo but not I-III as I cannot stand them, and we “fill up” with Clone wars final season.

I have not played Legos in ca. 30years (Michi has never played). It has been an absolute blast building this model (although there are many customized pieces). The Death Star awaits!

… and we need to figure out where to put this absolute unit of a model…