Hairy Crab – From hate to love with UnTour

Hairy Crab season may be the most awaited food season in Shanghai. Everybody, everywhere at any time. The Hairy Crab, a sweat water crab, native to Yanchen Lake and other lakes in the Shanghai region, is, without doubt Shanghais favorite seafood. 

As true 上海人 apprentices that we are, we tried to eat the hairy crustaceans many times. However,  their meat stayed hidden from our toungs and chopsticks. After 3 years secretly watching us fail, Jamie and Kyle from UnTour finally decided to introduce a Hairy Crab Tour.

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The futile attempt to describe an evening at Ultraviolet

Huge doors open in the darkness. A primal scream rips through the air. Fire explodes, as the Hakka sounds all around us. Dinner at Ultraviolet has begun.

“Dinner” is an inappropriate term for this extraordinary journey,  which may elude classifications entirely. In the next three hours, we dine by the sea, have picknick on the lawn and eat a cigar butt. It is a surprisingly imersive and emotional experience, which binds together ten strangers for a night in a remote warehouse at Suzhou Creek. This is the UVC menu, Paul Pairets third and latest creation.

Describing the experience is a task similar to Hunter S. Thomsons description of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, albeit lacking the talent. This is my recollection of a dreamlike evening.

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Huangpu River Cruise

Lazy weekend again. Yesterday, we had the most fantastic – no, THE best steak at Mortons in the IFC. 550g New York Strip for Michi and 650g Porterhouse Steak for me. What an experience (also the bill ;-)).

Today, we picked up Michis tailor made jeans and took a stroll along the Bund. I the spurr of the moment, we bought two tickets for the Shanghai River Cruise.

The ship took us 25 minutes downriver past the Cruise Terminal and then back. Unfortunately, we were hit by heavy winds and rain 5min after departure. But, we had paid for the VIP sun deck and we were not going to give it up… Continue reading “Huangpu River Cruise”