Disneyland Shanghai – One week after opening

We visited Disneyland Shanghai one week after opening day. The opening has been a huge deal. Everybody has been talking about the first Disneyland in Mainland China. Since it was Michis lifelong dream to visit Disneyland, we were more than happy to  go.

Getting there is very convenient as its located next to the outer ring road in Pudong. We arrived early, ca. at 8.30, which was good, because temperatures rose to over 40C within the next two hours. First thing, we went on the Tron Ride, an impressive indoor roller coaster. As we came out, the park had started to fill up and queues were getting beyond 1.5hs, even the queue to get the fast track tickets.  We walked around the park, but under the blazing sun and extreme temperatures, we fled at around 11.30. We have to come back on a rainy winter weekday.


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