Guilin – Most beautiful scenery

The area around Guilin is regarded as one of the most beautiful sceneries in China, including the Li River with its Karst mountains is immortalized on the 20RMB bill and the Lonji rice terraces.

We stay at the Golden Oriole Hotel and have a view on the famous Elephant Trunk from our room.

Things to cross of the bucket list

  • Boat ride on Lijiang river with picture of the 20RMB bill scenery
  • Take a scooter ride through the Karst Mountains in Yangshuo
  • See Longji rice terraces

Things to do better next time

  • Stay overnight in Yangshuo to have more time for river rafting and relaxing

Day 1 (16.07.): We book a river cruise on the Lijiang River (Li River) to Yangshuo. Very scenic cruise. We see the picture on the 20RMB bill (best to take the large boats for full scenic view. Bambou boats only drive a part of the river and do not look very exciting. Better take the bambou boats on e.g. on Yulong River (traditional, no motor). We may try this next time). In Yangshuo, we rent a scooter to drive around the country side (its not worth to take a tour, as all “sights” are overrun by tourists). In the evening, we take a bus back to Guilin. 

Day 2 (17.07.): We book a private tour to the famous Longji Rrice Terraces. The area is an ethnic minority region (like an indian reserve, you have to pay money to enter the area… in 2016…). Due to rain and bad road conditions, we decide to take the cable car to the top of the terraces at Jingken (Dahzai village). Cloud covered views are beautiful. On the way down, we see some long hair people. On the way to the airport, we visit a tea plantation, and a minority village where a famous Chinese movie was made (we need to watch a video of the actress singing). Afterwards we head directly to the airport.

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