Iceland – The land of water in three states of aggregation

We drift between the continents. Weightless in 2°C water of the Silfra Fissure. Touching the American continent with the left and the Eurasian continent with the right hand. Iceland is quite an amazing place. But its not the land of fire and ice, its the land of water in any state of aggregation. Here is our story.

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Heart of Europe – We are back

Staying at home is a no-go. This rule also applies in good old Europe. And what better place to start than in Brussels, the heart of the European Union (spoiler alert: we did not visit the European Quarter).

Brussels is a ca. 2.5h train ride from our new home in Bonn. Home of Belgian Chocolate, Waffels, Fries, Beer and plenty of other things that will eventually force to buy a wheelbarrow to carry your belly around.

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