Tale of Two Cities

There are so many things going on, that I did not have time, to write this longer blog entry. Good that wordpress allows me to date back, so nobody will know that this was posted only in April.

My parents came to visit us in Shanghai and went with us on the big tour of Shanghai and Hong Kong. We had a full program, so here is the summary. Continue reading “Tale of Two Cities”

Christmas town

Already last week, we spent the few precious hours of free time at the Shanghai Medieval Christmas Town. A place the aims to resemble a German Christmas Market and seemingly serves as a meeting place for all mixed german chinese couples, whose German partner can say: “Oh look honey, that’s what Christmas in Germany is like”. Continue reading “Christmas town”


We stopped by or local shop to buy a few movies. Yes, DVDs are one of the few things that are cheap in Shanghai. Strictly legitimate, of course, judged to the best of our capabilities…