SIPG FC for the Win

We finally made it, after 1.5 years. Both, Shenhua and SIPG have eluded me and always had away games when we would have had time to go. But yhanks to Michis new colleagues at the consulate (highly skilled, as they managed after two weeks what i have not managed in 1.5 years) we got to watch SIPG FC agaist Hubei. 

Tickets were 50RMB, which in the high seats in the curve. The stadium was about half full but the SIPG fan clubs were giving it their everything throughout the game.

Hubei played better than expected (I assumed they all had lung problems due to the air polution). Final score was 3:0 for SIPG. We even git to see a penalty kick goal by SIPGs Oscar, the currently highest paid player in the world at 24m USD per season, next to Hulk with similar salary. The game itself was first class by any conceivable standard and can absolutely compete in quality with any districy league game in Germany. It was great fun, will definately do it again.

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  1. Hi Fabian, wenn man die Personen auf dem Feld zusammenzählt, sind das mehr als 22. Gelten in China andere Regeln? Herzlich!

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