Abandoned Dutch town in Waigauqiao

Where do you look for typical hanseatic architecture and windmills? Of course, in Shanghai’s Waigaoqiao district, where else. On 20.11., we packed our cheese sandwiches (actually no, but would have been a good stereotype), borrowed a bike (actually yes) and rode around the deserted streets.

Chinese are famous for copying – including cities. Earlier this year, we visited little Venice in Dalian. But Shanghai has plenty to offer. A few years back, the government decided to build several theme towns along the outskirts of Shanghai to make living there more attractive and relieve pressure from the downtown housing market. The dutch town in Waigaoqiao is one of them, others are the English Thames town, a Spanish, German and Italian town.

Waigaoqiao is easily accessible by subway and Mobike (“North Waigaoqiao” on subway line 6. From there about 1.5km east along the canal). The dutch town is mainly one street long and features hanseatic houses and a windmill. The houses looked completely deserted.

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