Winter in Mongolia – a dog sledding adventure

Our sled glides over enless snow-covered rivers  underneath the wide Mongolian sky. The only sound is the panting of our 12 sled dogs. The high sun lets the thermometer climb to -20°C. Suddenly, with a bang, the ice gives away and  our sled tumbling into the river below. We get back on our feet in the shallow riverbed and quickly climb out of the water. Within seconds, our drenched clothes freeze solid. Luck for us, as not only is the ice a good insulator but also the next Ger with a warm fire is an hour ride by dogsled and Russian army jeep away. Finally, we reach the Ger and painfully defrost our toes. Continue reading “Winter in Mongolia – a dog sledding adventure”

Top of the World – A tour to the North Side of Mt. Everest

We are standing at 6.000m above sea level. Our view wanders 2.800m upward to the 3rd pole, the higest point in the world. We have been hiking the North Side of Mount Everest towards the Advanced Base Camp. The air is thin, the wind is strong. During the day the sun burns down on us mercylessly, while during the cold night, we huddle in our sleeping bags and listend to the wind barrel down on our tents. Here, Mallory, Irvin and their expedition had already made their way from the Bay of Bangalore, when they discovered the small valley, which paves the way towards the summit. Continue reading “Top of the World – A tour to the North Side of Mt. Everest”

North Korea – The full story

It all started with an article in a German magazine on the developing tourism in North Korea that I read in early January. The article made me realize that it is actually possible to travel to this closed of country Only 4 weeks later, we boarded a plane to Pyongyang (see our departure pictures here). We spent 8 days traveling North Korea on what was truly lifetime experiences. Here is our story. Continue reading “North Korea – The full story”

Back from DPRK

We just arrived in Bejing on our flight back from Pyongyang and we are well.

Full report will follow later.

Events to be reported include dancing into the new lunar year with the locals on Kim Il Sung Square, flying with a helicopter over Pyongyang, dog meat delicassies, shooting a russion pistol and me passing out on the flight out of Pyongyang.

Stay tuned.

Harbin Ice Festival 

It’s -20C with the wind blowing from the East. We are hiking through the icy wastelands of China’s most northern Province Capital. Across the frozen river, we reach the Snow Park on a small island where only the name reminds of summer, “sun island”.

What we discover is an amazing world of Ice and Snow; a snow church, 40 meters high, and an entire scenery carved out of snow and frozen ice. As we watch the sunset, the ice becomes illuminated and shows a very colorful side. Hand and foot warmers and warm ginger tea helped to keep us warm. Continue reading “Harbin Ice Festival “

On the top of the world

National Day holidays and annual leave are coming to an end. It’s time to remember.

Our first trip led us to Chengdu for a trek into the Minya Konka mountain range, south west of Chengdu. I had been in Germany the week before, so I was able to travel in style: Arrive in Shanghai on 27.09., packing and leaving for Chengdu with Michi on the 28th. Our guide picked us up from the airport and dropped us of at our hotel (“Traffic Hotel”… some advanced marketing was at play to come up with that name). In the evening, we did some last minute shopping and explored the old streets of Wuhouci (old temple surrounded by old-style streets with a lot of bars, restaurants and live music, sometimes two singers in the same bar (singing different music…)).

Continue reading “On the top of the world”