Alpspitze – The peak at the end of a long queue

Speed feels good. I easily pass a guided group, jump up a small incline, turn a corner and… have reached the end of the queue to Alpspitze.

I had taken the 6:30 train to Garmisch and take a taxi to Alpspitzbahn, to be among the first on top. I catch the second cable car of the day.
At the top station, I see a few people but not too many. This looks promising. I put on my gear and start the hike. I am quite quick and overtake a few guided groups on the way to the entry point.

But then, the Mount Everest feeling kicks in. There is an endless queue of climbers from the bottom all the way to the top. I take my number and wait in line. 

After a while, clouds open up a litte and I can see the Höllental.

There is always another queue. I envy the climber that go with a rope outside the via ferrata.

The face of Alpspitze is quite impressive.

On the last leg, the via ferrata goes around the right side of the peak with some nice views into Höllental.

At the top.

I take the eastern ridge down. Its quite a fast way down (except for really, really unskilled and unfit people blocking the way). Some ropes, lots of loose stones.

Back at the station I meet with Michi. We enjoy Spagetties and go down to Eibsee for some swimming.