Dalian again

After the great RC Dalian event, we decide to visit Dalian again since we did not really had time to visit the city. 

We stay again at the Conrad Dalian. This time we are lucky to get an executive upgrade, so we can enjoy the lounge.

Day 1 (10.06.): We arrive in the early evening and directly head out to the most awesome seafood restaurant i n Dalian, Wanbao. Pick your food fresh/alife from the tanks.

Day 2 (11.06.): Today is hiking day. We take a taxi to Ocean Park and hike along the coastal road to Bangchui Island Hotel. We relaxt at the pebble beach, but the water is too cold to swim. In the evening, we enjoy the water show in front of the Convention Center. Dinner and Whiskey (only family is present at the whiskey bar, the local dog “marks” – pees at the tables…) at the water front.

Day 3 (12.06.): Relaxed day. We visit the Venice Replica City close to our hotel, relax and go back to Shanghai.

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