First Visitor

We were level happy to host Fabi as our first foreign guest  in Shanghai. I think he survived reasonably well (also complaining a bit much about the food, such as chicken feet ;-)). As we had to plan the program during the work week, only, we focused on the evening program

We kicked the week of with a night on the bund and drinks in the Hyatt on the bund. Second night street food in Shouning Lu (crabs were interesting), third night fish at Fuxing Dong Lu. Thursday,Fabi went to Hangzhou, while we enjoyed my Rotary induction. Friday we ended with a Chinese Massage and Hot Pot.

Shouning Lu

Buying tea on the street

Fish dinner

Hotpot (broke rule number one and gave Fabi a big spoon…)

Transrapid (Maglev)

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