Happy Birthday 

Celebrating my 29th birthday by now is a routine and starts to become a valued tradition. It’s the 8th time I celebrate this event (fitting, with8 being the Chinese lucky number).

I received many happy birthday wishes and I am very thankful to all of you thinking of me on this day.

Michi organized a wonderful day. We went to Tian Zi Fan, an old street district with a lot of galleries. With the huge crowd streaming in in the afternoon, we enjoyed the High Afternoon Tea at the Peace Hotel on the Bund. We went home via the tourist tunnel at the Bund and ended the evening with movies and nachos. Great day!

  Tian Zi Fan
Peace Hotel
  Shanghai laughs at the Octoberfest beer price discussion in Munich. Paulaner at the Bund charges 10€ for 0.3l wheat beer

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