Suzhou hen piaolian

This weekend, we went on a trip to Suzhou. The city used to the hometown of parts of the country’s intellectual elite (the silk industry was the source of the city’s wealth, which, in turn led to the regions high education. We took the bullet train from Shanghai – a short 30 min ride. We stayed at the Soul Hotel downtown, perfectly located (right next to an awesome hotpot place)

Day 1: Walk through the city and a streetfood lunch downtown (one of the food stalls actually made hongkong waffes!!). We visited the Garden of the Master of Nets and spent a lot of time just sitting by the small pond. Hotpot in the evening. Took some teamwork to order. No english (no english menue) but we took the waiter around the restaurant pointing at food on other peoples tables. (It’s settled, you only need the words “yi ge” / “zhe ge” to survive in China.

Day 2: After a lazy morning, we went to the west side of the lake and spend a few hours sitting in the park. Afterwards, we went shopping and walked to the Humbled Administrators Garden. Super crowded. Quite big. We found some quiet spots to hang out and relax. Went back with the bullet train and ended the evening with a Burger at Moo’s.

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