Back to the hills

We are back at the Wetterstein region after a 1,5 year Covid break. It is easy getting used to sitting at home. Therefore, we decided to spend a weekend in Garmisch for some light hiking.

Saturday (19.03) We sleep in on  and hit the train at 10:30. We decide to stroll around Eibsee. It’s a nice two hour walk. The sun is shining. Many tourists explore the first parts of the hike. We take a few pictures and enjoy the sun. On the way back, we witness a helicopter medevac on the western side of Eibsee (frequent flights). Hope they are well.

Back at Garmisch, walk through the town and  have a late lunch/ early dinner at the Wildschütz. Food is not as good as we remember but not bad. We buy a few snacks and walk to our guesthouse Hohe Tanne. It is a nice place on the North side of the Loisach. We have a huge room which we use to relax and sleep early.

Sunday (20.03) Breakfast is fantastic and the owners are extremely friendly.

Well rested we leave towards Eckbauer (deciding we want to go for a super easy hike).


The Partnachklamm is closed due to breaking ice. We take this as an excuse to take the cable car up to Graseck. From there, we walk the serpentines up to Eckbauer. We take it slow and take 1h to reach the top.


Nonetheless, we deserve our Kaiserschmarrn. The sun is shining and entices us to stay. Eventually, we hike down over there partially icy gravel road.

Back in Garmisch, we hop on a train to Munich. Restart successful.