Summer in December does not happen to often (over 15C). So that’s a reason to travel. Also, there is Christmas and friends and family.
My dad with our true ecological Christmas tree
We flew in just in time for Christmas with my parents. It was really great to see them again. And we actually had some quiet days, only eating goose and other good stuff and taking two trips to Wolfsburg Autostadt (maybe a bit smaller this year but the CO2 scandal was only marginally noticeable) and to the Braunschweig Christmas Market (beautiful on the Castle Square). This year without Meyer’s famouse fried almonds as the queue felt 100m long.


Decorating the christmas tree


Christmas Goose Dinner


Wolfsburg Autostadt
DSC04182 DSC04192
All candles are lit at Wolfsburg
Visiting my old school

Berlin was a bit more stressful, more people to meet, more things to do. We had a great time and good talks. New Years, we celebrated – same procedure as every year – on the roof (our favorite new year tradition).


Summer in Berlin with 10 – 15C.

New Years on the roof
Snow in the New Year

Michi had to go back on Saturday in time for work. I stayed a few more days for work (perfect to catch up and set goals for 2016).

Leaving Berlin never easy

I saw the light fading out


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