Famous Beer at Andechs Monestary

Its a beautiful Sunday. To avoid the weekend crowds at Oktoberfest, we decide to take the train to Herrsching at Ammersee and hike to Andechs. Its not Oktoberfest but we are not exactly alone, either.

The path to Andechs is easy qith only a small incline. The path leaves town and leads through a lush forest. After a whille, the forest gives way to a pasture. Andechs is looming in the background.

Andechs’church is beautiful and serene, despite the crowds.

Well rested, we dive into the crowds in the Biergarten. There may be no difference to a Wiesnzelt but we manage to find a table and even organize food and drinks. The Haxe is very crisp, the cheese ist tasty. We enjoy the Indian Summer day.

On the way down, we follow the river, which winds through the valley. From Herrsching we take the SBahn back to Munich.