Prussians at Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is the ultimate inauguration for any new citizen of Munich. Fortunately, Franzi and Kathi were our guides on our way to Munich.

Step 1 – “Tracht” (09.09.): There is one clear rule: Don’t wear fake Trachten under any circumstances. Franzi sends us to Trachten Redl, her trusted shop. The team does a tremendous job to dress us up, Lederhose, Haferl boots, shirt and vest for me, Dirndl for Michi. We are ready.

Step 2 – the mood (22.09.): Its the day of the Trachtenumzug. So we get dressed and watch the Trachtenumzug between Karlsplatz and Odeonsplatz. Its an impressive display of tradition with cheerful crowds and a good mood.

Step 3 – a table (23.09.): Kathi got us covered. With customer loyalty and preserverence she has organized a box at Sch├╝tzenfestzelt on Monday noon. The family really welcomes us to Munich – what a better way to arrive in Munich. Eat, drink, dance, the tryptichon of Oktoberfest. We take a break to ride an haunted house and the ferris wheel.

Regine Sixt Damenwiesen happens at the Sch├╝tzenfestzelt simultaneously, so musik is a bit limited. Therefore, we decide to stay later and celebrate until 8pm. It was a great day.

Step 4 – Wiesn by ourselves (30.09.): Its finally time to emancipate ourselves and make first steps alone. We choose a Monday noon, my last day before the new work starts. Weather is great and crowds are limited. We eat at Ochsenbraterei (delicious) and ride the Chiroplane.

We explore the Oide Wiesn, which is nice, but the crowd and mood at the Festzelt Tradition is a bit booring. With massive crowds streaming in, we head out in the late afternoon.

We have to admit, it was fun.