Above Tegernsee

October 3rd is a public holiday and we take the chance to explore Tegernsee and climb to Neureuth. The city of Tegernsee is a 1h train ride from Munich. Over night, the temperatures have dropped significantly and its quity chilly.

From the train station, we trek towards Hotel Tegernsee and follow th path upward into the forest.

The serpentinnes wind upward quickly. Rain clouds are moving across the lake but fortunately spare us, as we foolishly did not bring rain jackets. After 1.5h, the forrest gives way to a green medow. At its end lies the Berghof Neureuth.

The view from the top is fantastic, despite the cloud cover. We refill our energy with Germknödel and Kaiserschmarrn.

The way down is easy, although with a lot of stairs, and we quickly arrive back at Tegernsee.

We drink a winners beer at the famous Bierstuebl and take the train back to Munich.