Tegernsee again – Riederstein via Pfliegeleck

Indian Summer: 23°C, sunshine and trees in bright autumn colors. Its a perfect day to enjoy the view on Tegernsee from the small chaple on top of Riederstein.

The great weather comes with a downside. Massive crowds are pushing into the BOB train. But we eventually find a seat.

From the Tegernsee train station we hike upward towards the shooting range.

The path quickly climbs trough the forrest. We enjoy some great views in the forrest. Within notime, we reach Pfliegeleck – the majority portion of the climb is completed.

We pass the Galaun Restaurant and decide to climb the Rieserstein Peak before lunch break.

We chose the not so crowded, easy way to the top. On top of Riederstein sits a small chapple above a shear cliff. Space is limited and crowded, but the view is breathtaking.

We take the standard way down from the peak. Its a big staircase, quite crowded and not so joyfull. We take a break at Galaun – not the friiendliest team, I wait 30min for a pair of saussages. After lunch, we descend to Rottach-Egern.

From there, we walk along the lake shore towards Tegernsee. We complete the day with a desert at the Braustübel.

The trainride back is worth than a Tokyo Subway ride during rush hour. There is not the tiniest space left on the train. Fortunately, the situation improves when a second train from Schliersee is coupled with ours.