Beautiful day at Andechs

We had a “Haxen Weekend” (Friday Haxe at Haxenbauer, Saturday at Andechs). Andechs dedinately has the crust figured out, while Haxenbauer has very tender meet.Also, we had a beautiful hike to Andechs.As last time, we hiked up from Herrsching, enjoying the views on Ammersee.At Andechs, we took the opportunity to visit the church tower – an adventure in its own right. 2 magical euros are all it takes for the turnstil to open the way to the towers staircase. Up and up we go on more and more narrow stairs. Then, the way splits into an upward and a downward path. The stairs become narrower and steeper. We feel like cave explorers who squeeze though narrow gaps until suddenly, we reach the top and a beautiful view unfolds at our feet.After this exciting climb, we order Haxe (I accidentally order qhole Haxen, which can feed a village; or at least 2 people per Haxen).We hike down through the valley. As we narrowly miss our train, we take the chance to visit the Ammersee in the moonlight.