From the depth of Partnachklamm to the hights of Eckbauer (Garmisch)

After a Friday night (steak at Goldenes Kalb and great wine at Franks) and a lazy Saturday, its time for the mountains. Garmisch Partenkirchen is only 1:20 by train from Munich. But the panorama of Zugspitze and Alpspitze is breathtaking.

We take the 9:30 train from Munich. The weather has turned cold. We ride through a frost covered and foggy landscape and get a winter feeling.

We arrive at 11:00 and head to the ski jump arena where we find the entrance of Partnachklamm. We pay 6€ ebtrance fee each and head into the Klamm. Its a fascinating, ca. 80m deep, very narrow canyon.

Beyond the canyon, we start our ascent to Eckbauer, a 1240m peak above the ski jump area. The trail leads us to the top of the klamm, where we backtrack to Graseck. Serpentines (many of them) take us up the south western corner of Eckbauer. Somewhere along the way, we meet a mother who jokingly says to her ca 5 year old kid: “Lets hike up Eckbauer.” The kid looks at the trail and responds “Spinnst du?” (“Are you crazy”).

At the top, joy and disappointment are next door neighbours. The restaurant is closed, but the view is breathtaking. We can clearly see Zugspitze, Alpspitze, Wettersteinspitze etc.

We decide to take the cable car down and find a place for our jausn in town. Hiking to the town center, we realize that Garmisch is quite big. But our trail along the southern outskirts rewards us with great views on Zugspitze.

Our reward is a half duck at Wildschütz Restaurant. Its delicious but our portion seems to be 2kg or more…

We enjoy the sunday market (there is always room for sugar coated almonds) and get on the train back to Munich. Right as we leave the station, se last sunlight shines over the mountains in the west whiöe the full moon rises in the east. A beautiful day.