Neujahrsspringen in Partenkirchen

Ski jumping may not be the most exciting sport of all but its only 1.5h from Munich to onr of the biggest ski jump events of the year, the Neujahrsspringen of the Vierschanzentournee. And what else is there to do on early new year morning than to catch a train.We follow the crowds from Garmisch train station to the ski jump arena. The arena is in operation since 1921. The hill was remodeled in 2007. The tower is 60m high.Todays crowd is 20.000 strong. Its a good atmosphere although the moderators seem to be proponents of the good old Herrenwitz.We arrive during the test jump (qualification had been carried out yesterday) In the second round, pairs of jumpers face off to determine the 30 finalists.

We stand on the stands at Ostkurve with a good view. However, we leave 10min early because there is only one train per hour going back to Munich and we are a bit afraid of the logistics. From the train station, we have a great view on the hill and see Marius Lindvik win ahead of Karl Geiger.