Hotel at the End of the World

On the hillside between Eckbauer mountain and the Partnachklamm lies the Graseck. This place at the (beautiful) end of the world is the perfect place to ride out the end of the world – Munich, Germany and larger parts of the World are on lockdown due to the Corona virus. Here, high above Garmisch Partenkirchen, the world is still ok.Its our first week of holidays after starting our new jobs – and oh boy do we need it. We sleep all Saturday. On Sunday morning we try to decide what to do. Philippines are too far, Portugal is too rainy, Italy is already locked down. We decide to give the idea of a Spa holiday a shot – typically not my cup of tea, but if mountains are closeby, there is nothing wrong with a warm sauna after a day outside. We come across the Graseck in Garmisch by chance and they give us a good deal on a room. About an hour later we are in the regional train to Garmisch (Austrian borders are closed so trains terminate at the border).We take the cable car up Eckbauer. Its a beautiful day. We enjoy the sun before we decend towards Graseck.We have trouble finding the Graseck entrance as we had not taken the Graseck cable car. After a warm welcome the staff guides us to our room (228 for future reference). They tell us that it is a very nice room and they have not exaggerated. The view is amazing (Wetterstein with Dreitorspitze)We enjoy the view but quickly explore the Spa. The relax sauna has panorama windows facing the mountains. There is a small open pool, also with view on the mountains. In the mountain lounge, we relax in huge swings. Before dinner, we take a small walk around Graseck.Dinner is part of the hotel package. There is nowhere else to go but dinner is very good! I am very relaxed but super tired and go to bed, right after dinner.On Monday we sleep in. Easy, with such a view from the bed.We take the cable car to town and go shopping. Michi shops at Esprit, Fabian buys a new rope and climbing gear at Sport Conrad. After a Kaiserschmarrn lunch on central square (mediocre), we take a taxi to Eibsee. The weather is beautiful, as is Eibsee, and we decide to hike around the lake. Aaaand back to Graseck with the mini cable car. Its our last ride as the cable car will stop operations tomorrow.Germany is going into lockdown mode. Bavaria declares state of emergency, most German states amnounve close down of schools, universities and non-essential public life (shops, museums, hotels are closed except for food stores, hotels for business travel). We are super fortunate and enjoy a wonderful evening.Tuesday, we sleep in, again. The sun is shining; its a beautiful day.Partnachklamm is closed but we decide to hike along the Partnach, nonetheless. From Graseck we decend towards the end of the Klamm. We follow the river against its flow upwards and enjoy the view on Wetterstein.In the evening, I have an appointment in Munich and arrive back in time for dinner.The hotel has decided to stay open until Thursday. Works for us as this is our last day, anyway.On Wednesday, we wake up surprisingly early. We have a beautiful breakfast and a good start in the day.As it is our last day, we plan a small tour on Eckbauer to have enough time to enjoy the Spa. We take our time hiking up and relax a bit on the top.We take the long way down via Hintergraseck, which is amazingly beautifulAs planned, we thoroughly enjoy the Spa and relax in the afternoon on our balcony. The dinner, again, is excellent. Staff is super relaxed. Its their last day with guests for some time to come. Angela Merkel has just given a speech saying that Corona is the biggest challenge for solidarity since WW2. However, there are good news from China where infections have seized. We sit at Graseck and enjoy Wolfsbarsch (European Bass) and lamp chops.Thursday is our last day in paradise. It would be worth a longer drive to work to wake up to a view like this every day.We have a last relaxed breakfast and enjoy the morning sun on the balcony. At 11 we check out, take the car down the mountain and hike to the train station.The train is empty. It seems that the advise to stay at home has an effect. The train is empty. We count less than 10 passengers in the entire train.Munich is not deserted but empty, given the beautiful weather. We do some basic shopping and head home. Let the lockdown begin