Covid-19 curfew

We escaped Covid-19 as long as possible. But on Saturday March 21, Bavaria introduced a statewide Cocid-19 curfew. People are allowed lo leave their homes only to buy food, get fresh air, go to work and vistit the doctor. Munich is not fully deserted but the streets are empty at night. During sunny days, it gets quite crowded. Fingers crossed…

05.04. Evening run

I went on a beautiful evening run (the evening, not the run). After a crowded day, the city was empty.

05.04. Morning Walk
Today, its 17°C and sunny. Beautiful spring day. However, quite a few people are outside. Still we find opportunities to photograph the deserted city.04.04.
We talk a long walk through the English Garden all the way north of Isarring. Actually, it is quite crowded. But Chinese Tower is still deserted.29.03.
We try to leave the home daily to get some fresh air. On 29.03 we went downtown. Here are some expressions.Wittelsbacher PlatzLudwigstrResidenzOdeonsplatzPerusastrMaximilianstrHofbraeuhausMarienplatzEisbachwelle