Hong Kong ever again

It has not slipped the notice of the avid readers that we returned from Chengdu on the 7th, leaving us with a few more days of annual leave. And where to better spend these days than in … of course, Hong Kong.

Michi had to apply for her residence permit entrance visa (you have to apply for a special visa, which grants you one entry for 30 days, during which you can apply for residency… anyway, you need a chop in your passport). So on the 7th, we turned our backpacks upside down into the washing machine and repacked our bags to head to Hong Kong very early on the 8th. First order of business was to hand in the Visa Application. Some waiting but absolutely not problem (Chinese consulate in Hong Kong was very competent and helpful).

Afterwards, we embarked on yet another adventure.
This time it was Michi who booked our accommodation. We had decided to stay on a budget. She picked the most amazing place. The taxi driver gave us a look when we told him directions. Those of you, who are also avid crime and thriller readers, go to your bookshelf now and grab a copy of Jo Nesob’s “Leopard”. In the beginning, Kaja Solness finds Harry Hole in a run down maze of a building among drug dealers, and immigrant workers, hiding away from the Triads and smoking Opium. Yes, you have guessed correct: We had a room in just this Chungking Mansion, even in the Complex C. Literally the only difference to the book was that our air condition was to the side and not above the bed. Awesome. On Saturday, we conducted a reading in our room and read the chapter from the book at the location. Unfortunately, we did not find a Li Yuan noodle shop. (For the scientific readers I can recommend Gordon Mathews “Ghetto in the Center of the World”). While Chungking is a fascinating place, it is claustrophobic and even a bit scary. To get to the hostel reception, we had to ring a bell and where greeted by a bodyguard. However, all the people we have met have been genuinely nice. Anyway, long story short, we took the globalization approach and moved to the Habourview Hotel in Hong Kong Island.


A room that defies the concept of the word “room”. Temperature was at cozy 40C.

Reading Jo Nesbo’s Leopard (unfortunately, there was no room for an audience).

The view she booked

The view I booked 😉

We spent the evening at Lan Kwai Fong, the expat drinking district. Friday we visited Lantau Island with the cable car and visited the giant sitting budda statue. We wished to have had more time to walk one of the trails, there. It is amazing how you can get out of the city and into wild mountains within about 1h. In the evening, we headed to the Takeout Comedy club in SoHo. Very american style comedy (host was very much on the sexist side, the rest of the jokes centered around appartment rent in Hong Kong, dating (esp. asian/white), and loosing weight). We had fun nontheless.

Saturday, we took a food tour with hellohongkong. Compared to Shanghai’s Untour, this tour was more touristy but fun nontheless. First stop was  the second Lin Heung Tea House (at the sister restaurant, Michi fought her famous battle for dim sum). We learned that Lin Heung is Michelin featured. Second Michelin restaurant was Mak’s at Wellington Street for Wonton. The Hong Kong soup is to fishy for my taste. In Joy Hing at Hennesy Road in Wan Chai we finally tried the roasted ducks and geese (Cha Sui). Awesome. Delicious. Must do. To complete our Michelin Hatrick (that’s a first) we went by ourselves to Tsim Chai Kee at Queensroad for some Beef Noodle Soup.

First part of the tour took us through the dried fish quarters of Hong Kong in Sheung Wang. Interesting…


We had a lot of fun with the british expat crowd on Shelly street, watching the Schotland vs Samo game of the Rugby World Championship.


Another great find was the flying pan, where we had breakfast on Friday and Sunday (I wonder why we do not weigh over 150kg, yet). From street level almost impossible to find (or very easy, small sign saying “bacon”).

I had to leave today as I must be back to work tomorrow. Michi is lucky and can stay for two more days until she starts her work on the 15th.

We had great two weeks in Sichuan and Hong Kong. To short, as always, but the next adventures are already in planning. Next we are looking forward to the first friends visiting in October and November. If you have not done so, book your holidays with us, as we only have two guest rooms 😉 We are looking forward to seeing you guys and share some of the experiences.


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