With one extra day to spare after our disastrous night with the Chinese zombies, we set out to explore Chengdu. Surprisingly to us, the town is very charming. The town is clean, attractions are spacious and well maintained, shops and restaurants are high quality (some even up to western standards).

First, we explored the Giant Panda Research Center. This is the main attraction of Chengdu. The Institute is specialized on the breeding of Giant Pandas and does so very successfully.

DSC03836 DSC03841 DSC03852 DSC03856

Another main attraction is the Mao statue at Tianfu Square (in the very center of the city


We hat a very tasty hot pot (again, with Yak meat, which tastes similar to beef but softer and even more yummy). At night, we walked to Kuanxiangzi Alley, another rebuilt old street with nice shops and restaurants (they have a sweat, which they form into balls, which they bounce of a drum into a type of sugar/flower). On the way home, we discovered freshly pressed bamboo juice (very tasty, very sweet, no wonder giant pandas are so fat).


Und noch was fuer alle Marketer/PR-Freunde; So macht man werbung fuer eine Reise:IMG_1826


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