Tailor made

After just another very long week (some work looming on the weekend, again), we decided to spent a relaxed weekend at home.

We kicked off Friday night with Michis friend Jana at Yongkang Lu, Shanghai’s infamous expat bar street (check the beer prices before ordering. You ca easily pay 10€ for a tap beer…).

Saturday was our “tailor made” day. Michi picked up her dress and suite at the South Bund Fabric market. Esp. the dress turned out very well (great fit, excellent quality). The suite als turned out nice (happy end to a very …touristy… customer experience “we need so much more material for you”, “the fit is ok, we cannot change your body”…)

I had a shirt day. Made another try at the fabric market. Fabric market is always a gamble but for 15€ per shirt (1,5 pints of beer), the financial risk is limited.

With my favorite tailor, W.W. Chan, it’s the other way around. Prices are European, but quality is exceptional. Looking forward to six new shirts.

In the evening, we browsed the stores in Shaanxi Lu and ended again in Yongkang. Shanghai is small enough; Jana and Chris (with the German school) ended up in the same pub.

 Chinese people are much more relaxed
  “Festival” at Shanghai center
Yongkang at night

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