Third time is a charm – Zugspitze via Reintal

Rumor has it that there cable car going up to Zugspitze. If this would be true, this machine would be almost entirely useless. Saturday was the third time this year I hiked up Zugspitze. And it was a special one. Michi joined me all the way to Sonnalpin.

Friday, 11.09.

I finish the final meetings on Friday in the train to Garmisch. Arriving at 16:00 I need to hurry a little bit to cover 18km and 1000m of elevation.
I find a good stride. I take the direct way over the high road, rather than going through Partnachklamm. I am almost alone. I reach the higher Klamms where I am almost alone. Its beautiful. Bockhütte flies by after 2:15. If I maintain the speed, there is a chance that I get a regular dinner.

Its beautiful having the Reintal all f
to myself. Legs are getting a bit heavy on the last climb. At 19:30 after 3:25h (5km/h average) I reach Reintalangerhütte. After a quick wash in the Partnach and a new t-shirt, I meet Michi who hiked to Reintalangerhütte earlyer, togethr with Sina, who is visiting.

As I have not taken any pictures (no time…) here are Michis pictures:The speed run takes a small revenge as I have a bit of a stomach issue. But we have a nice evening in the cozy Reintalangerhütte.

Saturday, 12.11.
Summit day. This is always exciting. After a good night sleep, and a semi-early breakfast, we pack and hit the trail. Its a joyful hike into the end of Reintal with a stop at the Partnach spring.Then, we hit the incline up to Knorrhütte. First in serpentines over the sand, then turn right under the large wall before turning left up the rocky slope. We take a break, fuel up and climb to Knorrhütte, which we reach after 3h.As clouds are pushing into Reintal, I walk on. It take another 1.5h to reach Sonnalpin. The weather remains stable and I push on to the summit.The first part climbing up the steep gravel hill is the hardest part of the entire teip. Its two steps forward and slide one step down. Fortunately, its only a short climb until I hit the rock. I love this part, esp. when you hit the ridge and the view opens to the Ammergauer Alpen. I enjoy the final meters on the ridge.Michi and I reunite at the summit. She made it all the way to Sonnalpin before taking the cable car up to the summit. The winner beer is well deserved.After two awesome days, we take the train from Sonnalpin and from Garmisch back to Mjnich.