Allgäu – Bavarian Dreamland

The second Covid lockdown is approaching and we are taking a final trip to the mountains. An what could be a better destination than the Baviarian dreamland: Allgäu.


We rent a car at Sixt to limit our exposure to potential Covid spreaders. Sixt sets us on an adventure (but not in a good way). First, the guy delivering the car parks in front of a tram, which creates some time pressure. Also, the car has a broken sensor, which causes the Audi PreSense to trigger a few emergency breaks in the city. Not fun.

But we manage to get out of Munich alive and after about 1,5h we reach Schwangau. The views are beautiful, almost cliché. We pick up a few pumpkins roadside.

We wanted to see Neuschwanstein (King Ludwig IIs fairytale castle). With no intention to see it from the inside, we are looking for the best vista. We pick the view from the Reith Ski slope. We are the only people on the slope and have a perfect view in perfect weather.

Just wow. We have lunch at the Reith Alp and continue to enjoy the view. Then its back to the car and we roll towards Oberstdorf. We arrive in the late afternoon at our Hotel Filsen. We have a beautiful view towards Nebelhorn from our balcony.

In the evening, we explore the town of Oberstdorf. The town is quite pretty with a large downtown area. We have a hearty dinner at the Oberstdorfer Einkehr and head to bed early under a beautiful moon.


We have an early breakfast, then relax a little bit more. Our goal today is the Schattenberg, above Oberstdorf. Its a beautiful hike through green fields and light forrests. Rain sets in and we decide (rightfully so) to turn around and head back.

We have an amazing lunch at the Jagdhaus with beautiful local food. We head back to Munich – I remember why I do not like taking the car. But we eventually we make it home save.