Untour Shanghai

Tonight, we took our streetfood expedition to another level and went out with the pros from untour Shanghai on the night market tour. We started on Shouning Lu and ended in (the east part of) Fangbang Lu.

To get right to the point: We tried the snake. It was disturbingly delicious. 

We started out with fried soup dim sum. Than we collected snakes and Hong Kong style deserts and sat down in a small place, where we tried tons of food, including crawfish, grilled vegetables, the most delicious grilled aubergine, and many more. Afterwards, we headed to a small Muslim nudel place. The hand pull the noodles; incredibly delicious.

I wonder if we will ever eat in a “normal” restaurant again.

Night market

Soup dumpling

  Water snakes, still alive and well  Watching the cook cutting the heads off and pealing the skin (while the snake still moves) is not for the faint of heart.

Fried snake

  Alive crawfish   Street cook Lotus root, rice cake, aubergine  

  Pulling the noodles  Noodle soup

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