With one extra day to spare after our disastrous night with the Chinese zombies, we set out to explore Chengdu. Surprisingly to us, the town is very charming. The town is clean, attractions are spacious and well maintained, shops and restaurants are high quality (some even up to western standards).

First, we explored the Giant Panda Research Center. This is the main attraction of Chengdu. The Institute is specialized on the breeding of Giant Pandas and does so very successfully. Continue reading “Pandas”

On the top of the world

National Day holidays and annual leave are coming to an end. It’s time to remember.

Our first trip led us to Chengdu for a trek into the Minya Konka mountain range, south west of Chengdu. I had been in Germany the week before, so I was able to travel in style: Arrive in Shanghai on 27.09., packing and leaving for Chengdu with Michi on the 28th. Our guide picked us up from the airport and dropped us of at our hotel (“Traffic Hotel”… some advanced marketing was at play to come up with that name). In the evening, we did some last minute shopping and explored the old streets of Wuhouci (old temple surrounded by old-style streets with a lot of bars, restaurants and live music, sometimes two singers in the same bar (singing different music…)).

Continue reading “On the top of the world”