Bye bye Berlin

Back at TXL en route to PVG. One week in Germany was great to see friends and parents. I really enjoyed the talks and am very thankful for the sh&@load of great advice. It helped a lot to put things in perspective and find a good way forward. Overall, time has been way to short to see friends and family. Also, in all the clean air I already feel like I have to start smoking.

Work was super busy (has it ever been different… but currently I am reaching new heights). Work hard not smart 😉

Now back to China. Doing something nice for my back again.

I took few pictures but there were some highlights (not quite in chronological order 😉

Somebody did not like his hotel room; things escalated  quickly (actually somebody tried to make tea and went to the bar in the process).
 Taking the Rhine ferry in Koenigswinter (since you know… I have started to like ferries)

Second best food in the world (2nd because we also had dinner)

 Difficult to see but a lone cop is trying to persuade drivers that the road is closed for the Berlin marathon. The other cops have road blocks to help. He didn’t get the memo

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