Ordos Kangbashi 

On Monday and Tuesday I was lucky to have a business trip to Ordos Kangbashi New Area, the famous ghost town in Inner Mongolia.

The region is extremely rich because of their coal reserves. So they decided to build a new town, roughly 25km away from Ordos’ central district Dongsheng. Cost for this new Kangbashi District was apparently around 150 billion USD(!). 

Anyway, while the city is super nice and shiny, nobody wanted to move there. So today, maybe 50.000 people live in this city built for a few hundred thousand. “A bit empty” as our driver put it.

Despite the low population, the city does not feel like a ghost town. Yes, streets are very empty and there are some unfinished houses. But still there are people on the streets and are driving around.

The city is incredibly lit at night. During the day, it displays lavish architectures. The stadium complex comprises 3 stadiums, the museum looks like a stylish blob, the concert hall imitates the Mongolian headwear. Everywhere are horse statues; the Genghis Kahn Mausoleum (not his actual burial place) can be found only a few kilometers south of Kangbashi.

Due to the business nature of the trip and the extremely dirty windows of our drivers car, I could only take very few pictures.    Kangbashi central monument

 Kangbashi government
 View from the hotel window
 Erdos (China’s most famous cashmere brand) factory outlet      Kangbashi at night from the plane

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