Connected Car Bigshot in Shanghai

Der Bambussaft war neu und sehr lecker.” Ilja Radusch, 2015
We are getting almost quite good at this “getting visited” thing. Apparently, from the perspective of German travel departments we our apartment is a dangerous place to stay (for the threat of abduction, and worse). Anyway, Ilja was here for serious work, so he could not stay with us. We showed him around, esp. To our favorite bar at the Hyatt on the Bund, to my favorite tailor WW Chan (also I am jealous that he got a suit while I never got more than shirts) and to our favorite eating places. Definitely cool was the untour breakfast tour, we did on Saturday (yes, we got up at six…). We had breakfast pancakes, bauzes (sweet and salty), pot stickers, noodles and egg tarts, all around Donghu Lu in the French Concession.  Continue reading “Connected Car Bigshot in Shanghai”

Bye bye Berlin

Back at TXL en route to PVG. One week in Germany was great to see friends and parents. I really enjoyed the talks and am very thankful for the sh&@load of great advice. It helped a lot to put things in perspective and find a good way forward. Overall, time has been way to short to see friends and family. Also, in all the clean air I already feel like I have to start smoking. Continue reading “Bye bye Berlin”

Geneva Convention

“1h Chinese Massage”. 

I was not aware of the fatal consequences of this simple request. One hour of intense pain ensued. A people that can endure such torture is not to be messed with.

Michi enjoyed it but it is common knowledge that women are tougher than men.