Geneva Convention

“1h Chinese Massage”. 

I was not aware of the fatal consequences of this simple request. One hour of intense pain ensued. A people that can endure such torture is not to be messed with.

Michi enjoyed it but it is common knowledge that women are tougher than men.

Tailor made

After just another very long week (some work looming on the weekend, again), we decided to spent a relaxed weekend at home.

We kicked off Friday night with Michis friend Jana at Yongkang Lu, Shanghai’s infamous expat bar street (check the beer prices before ordering. You ca easily pay 10€ for a tap beer…). Continue reading “Tailor made”

Suzhou hen piaolian

This weekend, we went on a trip to Suzhou. The city used to the hometown of parts of the country’s intellectual elite (the silk industry was the source of the city’s wealth, which, in turn led to the regions high education. We took the bullet train from Shanghai – a short 30 min ride. We stayed at the Soul Hotel downtown, perfectly located (right next to an awesome hotpot place) Continue reading “Suzhou hen piaolian”